About Me… Right?

Why do you have a blog?: Well if I’d kept up what I’d started 7 years ago… I’d probably be much further on with this. The thing is life comes along.

No one gets it right the first time. I don’t think we would learn much if we did … right?
As you can see from my above photo… it can take a few goes to prepare yourself. You know what I love about it though? There is No delete! Its there in black and white, no where to hide.

In 20 years I’ve went to university twice (couldn’t get that right the first time either), various part time jobs and two serious full time jobs, lived in 5 different bits of the country, got a life long chronic illness, got a cat, passed my driving test … and driven abroad! Fucking Italians are crazy drivers!! I’ve traveled to various different countries, made friends.. lost friends. Watched some get married .. watched some have children.. sadly seen a few pass away.

I write about living with my type 1 diabetes and being a full time robot (I wear an insulin pump). I also make Day in the pump life Vlogs on YouTube about living with an insulin pump! I’m a keen cook and I love a healthy option … I also Love pizza!

I’m a self confessed fashion and beauty addict, my first time round at uni I studied textile fashion design. If you enjoy style and beauty updates that will also be here too!


  • Name : Alanna
  • Age: 31
  • From: Sunny Scotland!
  • Height: 5f5″
  • Size: 12 …. 14 in topshop … 10 in next… you know how it goes!
  • Pump type : Medtronic Minimed paradigm Veo.
  • Are you a robot?: Yes well I tell my cousins children that! But its actually my insulin Pump
  • So you’re diabetic?: Yes Type 1 for 18 years! still have eyesight and all my fingers and toes!
  • Animals: Yes Daisy .. a split personality two faced bugger of a cat… But I love her!
  • Bad Habits?: Swearing, being drawn in by consumerism, Stationary and beauty are the worst! It takes me ages to reply to text or Messages… I’m always Late for things!
  • Job: Nurse … Yes I work THAT hard!


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