Day In the Pump Life Vlog’s!

I started a new series over on my You Tube focusing on how I go about my day to day life wearing an Insulin Pump.
I have been a type 1 diabetic for 18 years now and for the last 8 of those I have been wearing an insulin pump. I believe that diabetes on the whole is a very misunderstood disease that many people are ignorant of. Even working as a nurse I find so many medical professionals utterly clueless about the disease and even more so on insulin pumps.

I started making daily vlog’s that included how I use my pump and how it works for me! I am an expert in my OWN diabetes, but i do not make these as “do what i do” videos. I make them to educate people on how insulin pumps are used and how people live with them daily leading very normal lives!

I just hope it educates people to understand the disease and not pass judgement. I hope that it can also help fellow diabetics seeing another person similar to them, making them feel less alone. I’d love feed back from fellow diabetics and pump wearers as I myself have no direct diabetic friends or Pump wearers. It can sometimes feel like a very isolating, vast and lonely disease. Please remember there are millions of people just like you, and the majority of them live very healthy and fulfilling lives. When you feel burnt out and like its getting the better of you… talk. You are the controller of your diabetes, it doesn’t control you! – (My mum always told me that growing up!)

Now lets show it who’s boss!

Initial Diabetes videos –