Glossier : Worth the Hype?

So… Just under a month ago the British Beauty community went in to hyper drive about GLOSSIER … Including me!

I am aware that I write this at least 2 weeks after the Glossier Hype and publicity is settling down, but I ordered on the day of launch and then ordered again a week later. I wanted some time to give things a whirl and an honest opinion on the brand / products, if not an extensive one!IMG_20171017_102330_859

The brand promote healthy, comfortable in your own skin .. no make up make up.
You know…. that “Dewy glow” and fresh faced youth. The reason I mention this is, I think they are marketing “just woke up like this” supermodel , cool girl 16 – 25 year old… when the younger area of the market might be the least interested in them …

As I age I’m enjoying the less is more approach to make up, tonnes of make up on my face is becoming more and more unflattering. The funny thing is that the majority of people talking about and thoroughly enjoying this brand are usually more in the 25+ .. 30+ age range. Women who don’t want the ultra glam, cake faced, glittery strobe and ultra contoured look. On a day to day basis I am this woman!
Rather than an off duty supermodel.

What makes them different? …. Its all about the marketing isn’t it? 
Well that’ s not entirely true but it certainly has helped. They have made their minimalist packaging “cool” … when lets face it… I’ve seen similar simple packaging in George at ASDA’s beauty range. I say this… but I am the exact sucker that loves a bit of hype, I love something that’s putting itself across as a little different, and I loved that they were purposely not promoting overly glam make up.

The products work, they do exactly what they say on the tin and for that I cannot fault them. In fact if I had a teenager keen to take her first steps in to beauty … I know what I’d have in her Xmas stocking as a treat.

They aren’t budget friendly but they also aren’t lux or high end. They are on target with your higher end skin care in boots such as Vichy and La roche posay. I’d say their make up range is closer to the items you’d find in the M&S Beauty Hall .. Pixi .. Pur .. Stila etc.

I think the price placement of the product is what has made Glossier more exclusive to us 25+ 30+ age range… we want to look the best we can in the skin we are in … but at this age we also have the funds to buy in to it more easily.


What I gots!

Phase 1 Set – £35 Including : Milky Jelly cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, in Mint

Phase 2 Set – £35 Including : Stretch concealer in light, Boy brow in brown, Generation G Lippy in Crush.

Cloud Paint in Haze- £15

Haloscope in Quartz – £19

Skin Perfecting Tint in Light – £20

Milky Jelly Cleanser20171030_151851

This is a funny old one this! Its like nothing I’ve ever used before. It has the consistency of a sticky gel primer… or face gel, but when mixed with water it does not wash away the way you would imagine it should. It does wash off for clean and smooth skin – but I literally cannot explain this texture as I’ve felt nothing like it before! There doesn’t appear to be an obvious scent, there is a little something… Floral maybe? I reckon its one that many wont like and others wont be bothered by, bit of a marmite one!

In the last 3 weeks of using the product I have thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on decanting in to a smaller bottle to go away at the end of the month. Its not holy grail… its too early for all that commitment, but I am liking it!


The Priming Moisturiser20171030_153537
This personally for me is…. Wonderful. I am not going to sit here and say its the newest wow product that going to make you look 19, pore free, line free, with perfect skin. BUT what I am going to say is… I have dry skin with the obvious oil points (some might say combination). Normally I’d use a Heavy moisturiser to work to keep me from drying out on a 12 hour shift, but I’d end up with oil around my nose … and if i powdered near my nose/ cheeks or under eye then It would exaggerate my dry bits.

This product is moisturising enough than my skin doesn’t feel uncomfortable at any point throughout the day. The small amount of make up I do apply to go to work stays put and looks the same as when I started 12 hours earlier, even in my oilier points. I genuinely did not think this was going to be rich enough for me… but actually it works a treat. I’ve seen many bigger blog/vloggers slating this and suggesting the Priming moituriser riche …..its £30 alone, but here’s the thing .. before you jump on that bandwagon give the original a try first.  My only gripe would be that there is no SPF in it…. but we cant win them all can we? (mint)20171030_152029

Hmmmmm … what to say … what to say. This product really annoys me, but not for obvious reasons such as.. its doesn’t work , I don’t like it, it smells funny , it tastes weird. No. It annoys me because I believe it is horribly over priced. I Really Really enjoy this product, it works well, I enjoy the tingly mint and the little cool feeling when I take a breath in. Last week I had a horrendous cold which left me with chapped raw nostrils and this stuff worked wonders! Its a very no frills lipbalm and it doesnt leave my lips feeling drier than before I started using it (Yes I’m looking at you Vaseline!).
But £10… £10!!!! its just silly no? Mint carmex might not be a perfect match but …. its pretty damn similar. If I buy the phase 1 set again I will be glad to get another at a discount. But will I buy it alone? No never… Its just not justified.

Skin Perfecting Tint (Light)
Not quite a BB cream…. But more than a moisturiser. I LOVE my No7 BB cream for Dry/Very Dry skin in Fair. If I’m wearing the No7 product I do feel like I’m wearing a light veil of moisturing make up.

With the Glossier product I do not… It feels like nothing on my skin, which actually I like even more! 20171109_124346I work long days.. I don’t wear much make up at all to work… but I like to even out my skin tone. I would wear this product on real no make up days… or work days, but if I was meeting someone in town for lunch.. going to meet my mum to go shopping etc etc I probably would go for a heavier coverage BB cream. As for Nights out … that’s a different ball game!

This is £20 but.. I reckon it does exactly what I ask of it and I really enjoy the feeling and effect it has on my skin. Its easily blended out… you don’t have to work too hard the way I felt about The ordinary serum foundation, and it leaves your face looking like healthy dewy skin. There is very little coverage, but … that’s not what it claims to be OR what I was looking for.

Stretch Concealer (Light)20171030_153247

A lot of people sit on the fence about this one, I can understand why. For many people the use of a concealer is to conceal unwanted flaws or shading. To brighten and lighten the face, hide dark circles or spots… you get the jist….

I’m fortunate that my dark circles aren’t all that bad yet but .. but my fine lines are certainly there! So for me this concealer is a winner. It has a totally different texture to any other concealer I’ve used before. I am not a fan of thick heavy concealers, they may hide darkness but they also exaggerate any single fine line I have under my eye. It also feels like they make my eyes look much older than they are.

The stretch concealer continues to be moist it doesn’t dry down. That might sound like a nightmare for some, but for me … it keeps my under eyes hydrated as well as providing some light coverage. I would highly recommend this product and I might even repurchase again.

Haloscope 20171109_124425

This product is glossier’s  highlighter but I can see many disliking this product. I personally really enjoy the effect this gives, its pure dew, but I will honestly admit…. Its sticky… it doesn’t dry down the way other cream highlighters do. Its more of a gloss for the face.. Do you remember MAC eye glosses for the lids? welllll This is similar with the sticky factor toned down. As I say I enjoy the glow this product brings to my cheeks/ face, but I am starting to wonder as we get in to the winter months if it looks a little silly? Do I look noticeably shiny or sticky? … did hair just stick to my cheek? In the summer months and late evenings … that beachy, dewy sheen seems appropriate, but in the dead of a snow storm … I’m not totally sold. 20171109_124638

I Have Quartz which is a pinky / light golden colour, there isn’t too much colour from this product, but through the middle is a straight up balm section… a more solid version of This part is what causes the over sticky-ness. You can apply to fingers first then to your cheekbones or just use the edge of the product to avoid over the top glossing. Its £18 a pop… My advice… either buy it for the summer? Or better yet … pick up a high street version for under £5… and apply it over some Vaseline?

Boy Brow20171030_152145

It’s probably another of the most hyped items from the brand, I can see why. I am lucky enough to have thick and dark bushy brows in this age of striking brows as per Cara Delevingne…. shame about my face!

I don’t find I need the colour aspect of boy brow as my natural brows are already pretty dark, but what I do enjoy about it is the feathery structure it gives them without having to really try.

It gives natural just woke up fabulous brows….. and I secretly love when people ask me …. “what do you use on your brows”… up until the start of this month I had a smug “nothing these are my own brows”….
Now I’ll have to think before I speak seeing as I am actually using something. I’m not entirely sure I’ll repurchase in a rush…. just because for me it’s something I can live without, but if I do place another order with glossier I can’t promise it won’t find it’s way back in to my basket.

Generation G lipsticks. 20171030_152350

So… These are really really pretty… easy peasy, no hassle lippys. But …. is it really a lippy? Is it a drier version of a balm? Is it a stain? Who knows!

They are very sheer so it can take quite a bit of work to build up colour, many people will not be keen on that. I reckon these will either be right up your street .. or you’ll feel a bit …. Meh. Individually these are £14 a pop, so not the cheapest lip stain you can buy.


I got mine as part of the phase 2 set, but I have to admit I’m inclined to try out other colours … especially “Jam” for all the Wintery goodness! That being said I have found Plenty good dupes on the high street to give them a run for their money, check out my Glossier VS High Street video on YouTube for side by side comparisons. There was nothing a perfect match for the Generation G Lippies! My advice would be to wear your Generation G lippy then apply a small but comforting layer of your overtop (or any lipsalve you have to hand!).

Cloud Paints20171030_152640

Out of everything in this extensive post I have to say these are the stand out winner for me! They are Highly pigmented… they blend so so naturally and I’m a Sucker for a cream blush anyway. They are £15 a pop but you can also purchase them in bundle offers of x2 for £25, saving yourself a fiver! There are only 4 shades at present but I’m hoping there will be more to come!

I love how the colour  Haze gives my cheeks that wind burn rosy glow, and I am very eager to try out the other shades! Its natural fresh and frosty, think Benetint…. with more blending control. You need VERY little of this product, meaning its going to last you ages! Giving you more bang for your buck!

Its also been suggested by other blogs and YouTubers that you can mix the product to create other colours to your taste. I love this product and highly recommend it, if you take anything from my ramblings about this super spoke about brand …. “Try cloud paint!!!”

Sooooo Its a long old post this, I know!

The bottom line is … If you really want to buy in to the glossier brand… you want to be in the crowd then you’re going to go ahead and buy it regardless of recommendations. I myself was that girl, I enjoy the products I have and I will certainly continue to use them. Would I have felt the same if glossier launched on the high street or in a department store … a la “The Ordinary” … Truth is I’d have went in store and had a right good nosey, but no I probably wouldn’t have went quite so HAM on the brand if I’d seen the products up close for the price range they are in… but that could be psychological, its always easier to click buy than take £100 of products to a counter especially if you’re not totally sold by swatches on the back of your hand.

Its a mixed bag, and I’m a self confessed glossite. The real tell will be if I use up my products and if I return to re purchase. One things for sure …. they have my attention now for anything else they launch in future!