Latest In Beauty Subscription Box Review!

Subscription boxes…… We’ve seen them all! They come in versions of Beauty, Make up, Skincare, Perfumes, Jewellery, Fashion, EVEN sanitary products and tampons!
Tea, Coffee, Meal Plans, Snacks, Sweets, Sports and Fitness, Wine and Beverages, Creative crafts, Childrens, Geek chic boxes, Gamer Boxes, Tech boxes….. you can even get hold of “adult” boxes (wink wink… Nudge nudge!).

The options are endless….
At the forefront of the Beauty box genre the most common names are … Glossybox, Birchbox, Look fantastic and Latest in beauty. In the US I believe Ipsy and Boxy charm are two highly rated subscription services, not to mention sephora’s own Play box.
I have tried GlossyBox , BirchBox and now Latest in beauty. I’m here to tell you why I think It beats the others hands down!

Latest in Beauty 2

Many people will say…. These are a waste of money, Piddly sample sizes of products no one has heard of Or full size samples of mediocre products no one wanted to spend real cash money on. Others may tell you that they are reeling you in to buy more products you don’t need. I am not going to argue with either of these statements, I see the fair point in both BUT …… what I am saying is … why spend £10 a month getting 5 Surprise products … which literally might be of no interest or use to you…. When you can subscribe to a service where YOU get to pick the items you want to try?

Latest in Beauty provides a 3 tier level of subscription, which you can leave at anytime! Starting with

  • Beauty Novice £9 p/m for 3 Products.
  • Beauty Enthusiast £15 p/m for 6 products.
  • Beauty Guru £18 p/m for 9 products.

Latest in Beauty 3

They also do limited edition sponsored boxes throughout the year which you can purchase outwith this such as the YOU Advent calendar, Good Housekeeping Edit and Britain’s Next Top Model Box.

So how does it work if I’m so sure I’m not just being sent crap I’m not interested in? Well You do the usual … survey questions so they get to know “you”… in truth I’m not sure why Any sub box does this … when you get sent whatever they have OR pick your own anyway! You then Build your own box up to the number of products you have decided to subscribe to…. I should just add you are add to try a one off service without subscription, but it is more expensive.. and you can quit anytime! It can be useful if you’re wanting to gift someone a box. Anyway!…..

There are over 100 items to choose from within , make up, skincare, hair, fragrance, bath and body, nail care, natural, unisex and accessories. Each month items 90 – 100 will drop off the selection list and 10 new products will arrive throughout the month to replace them. If a product has been particularly popular it may get snapped up quicker than others and sellout, these products are also replaced with new ones. All the rest in between will remain the same for the most part, until they run out.

I enjoy this way of cherry picking your products, reason being … if I try a 30ml serum .. face cream … face wash etc … I may need to continue trying it a bit longer to feel the full effects or benefits before making my mind up about purchasing a full size product! Its also helpful because I find travel versions of lots of the products I already use or have tried in the past and its handy to have them in Dinky sizes for holidays and weekends away. I have re selected items up to 3 or 4 cycles to continue using a product before making a decision to purchase a full size version!

In relation to the make up aspect … I enjoy this way of the service working because generally they put on a lipstick formula, nail polish, blush etc…. but provide it in many colours. If I try out the lipstick and think .. wow I really enjoy this ….. I can then pick another colour next month.

There are also many full size products, and I have previously received hair accessories, vitamin supplements and even beautiful jewellery.  When I’m online sometimes I find if nothing is taking my fancy Or I do not require any travel size minis I will pick up accessories and Trials to use as Stocking fillers or to put in with someones birthday gift!

To see an unboxing of Latest In Beauty .. watch my YouTube video Here.

Give it a peak and see what you think!

Alanna. X