DECIEM Hits Glasgow! An Ordinary Review!

Its ARRIVED!!! … well .. In glasgow at least!

On the 12/10/17 DECIEM counters opened in House of Fraser Glasgow! Exciting news!! About a month ago I noticed that the Oxford Street store had launched a DECIEM counter… I thought this had just happened in London because the Original store was based in shoreditch. When I seen on Beauty and the Boy’s instagram that Glasgow was also getting “The Ordinary” treatment I was thrilled!

So… Question is … Is it worth the Hype!? Check out my youtube video on this topic!

Way back at the end of march / Beginning of April I got my first shipment of items from Deciem “the Ordinary”. Back then when I posted that Id received the items I promised I would try them for a month and get back to you… 8 months later!

I’m really glad I gave it more time because there are some items I have since bought for the 2nd or even 3rd purchase, and some items I’m still attempting to finish because I was so disappointed! So a Mixed bag overall!

In this post I talk about the Items I was using as my regular morning and evening Night routine and what I tried from the ordinary and what has made a permanent place in my current skin care regime. Plus what my skin was like in march .. and what is it like now!

My Original Day time Beauty routine

My Original Daytime Beauty Routine.

My Daytime beauty routine consisted of :

I swapped the Avene serum for the “Buffet” from the ordinary, a Mutli technology peptide serum. I brought in the “Hyaluronic acid 2%+ B5” in place of my La roche posay eye gel, but also to use as a serum. My Kiehls Super multi corrective was replaced by “Natural Moisturising Factors + HA”.  I also was very keen to try the “Glycolic Acid 7% Toning solution” in place of my Pixi Glow tonic… But it has never been back in stock often enough for me to have the chance!

First things first … I do not continue to use only Ordinary products, I have cherry picked the items I like and now incorporated them into my skincare routine. In doing this I have still saved myself a packet due to the fantastic value of the brand.

The “Buffet”

Deciem The Ordinary Buffet


Designed to target Multiple signs of aging at once!
A peptide serum ….. so what exactly does that mean?? Well in your body/ skin there are long chains known as “Amino Acids” when these break down to smaller chains they are known as “Peptides” … again…. Sorry what does that mean???
Well Amino Acids form Proteins, and one of the most important proteins for youthful skin is “Collagen!”
So we use these in the hope that it signals our skin to produce more proteins and collagen. Science is still on the fence about this, but I use every morning after toning, I do find that in the last 8 months I have smoother skin overall but I cant yet comment if it is going to assist with keeping fine lines at bay… we shall see. I find that once I use it my skin feels soft, smooth and plump. I am now on my 3rd bottle of this and will continue to repurchase again.

“Hyaluronic Acid 2%+ B5” (Lets just call this H.A.)
Hyaluronic Acid!!! … Theres so much HYPE!? everyone and their granny is talking about it! What on earth is it? H.A. is a “Humectant” – simple terms = It draws water / moisture to the skin and prevents moisture loss! Word of warning! IF you live in a drier more arid climate you might find this actually Dries your skin as the H.A may draw water from the skin to acclimatise to the dessert or dry heat. Its simple osmosis really… water moves from areas of high to low.. For me in Sunny Scotland (where it actually rains 364 days a year) this is not an issue.
Initially I tired this as a serum… but I felt …If I’m using the buffet .. then putting this on too, it was all just a bit too much. What I did notice was that the texture, appearance and feel of this product was IDENTICAL to that of my La roche posay eye gel (which contained H.A. but no % of strength). Therefore I began to use this product around my eyes instead. I’ve also found myself using this following a facemask of along side eye masks. I haven’t repurchased this yet as I still have about a 3rd of the bottle left. I dont dislike the product at all, but I found that it was a little obsolete in my routine as I have other products that contain HA to incorporate it without adding another step or layer.

“Natural Moisturising Factors +HA” 20170809_174801 (2)
This unfortunately has been my biggest disappointment. The product is fine, but I have to speak from the view of someone with quite dry skin. This for me was not moisturing enough, even after initial application I felt my skin tighter, I also found that when I began to use BB cream or foundation over the top the dry areas would show quickly or begin to ball up and bobble like gum on top of this. It also does not contain SPF therefore on days I was going to be outside I would need to apply another SPF moisturiser or cream.. also not helping buildup .. cakey .. bobbling situation. I have since used this if I just need a little extra moisture on a bare face in house cleaning days … or as a hand cream. I will not repurchase this product. I know “the Ordinary” are looking in to producing SPF ranges but are yet to do so. It surprises me as one of their most hyped products is a retinol/ retinoid … which you should always be using SPF with.

Since my initial purchases I have went back to my kiehls moisturiser and continue to use my Clinique superdefense along side the H.A. BUT I then went on to purchase the “Caffeine Solution 5%” which I now use Instead of the H.A.
20170809_180249 (2)
Caffeine Solution 5% 
To combat pigmentation and puffiness around the orbital bone area. So… To stop dark circles and eye bags right? So far this is a difficult one to determine if its aiding with pigmentation, as my dark circles aren’t awful, but I certainly feel it helps with puffiness around the eye. I use this every morning after the buffet and before my moisturiser or eye cream. I will continue to repurchase this also!



Night Time Routine 
For my evening skincare I swapped out 3 pricey mid to high end products for all ordinary products. The difference in the night time routine compared to my Day time one is these changes have stuck. I now only use The ordinary products in my evening skincare! (With the exception of a moisturiser, but I’m not committed to any single one of those!)

My original routine consisted of:

I have since swapped to:

Sometimes I use all products of an evening, giving time in between using them to let them sink in to my skin. If I don’t do that I will alternate my Retinoid with my Lactic acid on opposite days. I use a moisturiser , oil and eye cream every night.
I do still continue to use the Kielhs Midnight recovery eye, as the ordinary brand do not yet have eye creams … and I just really love this eye cream for nighttime!

Advanced Retinoid 2%Deciem The Ordinary Retinoid
Retinol is said to aid cell production, stop the break down of collagen, help decrease dark spots and pigmentation, assist with acne or scarring – sounds wonderful right?? Well Retinol in pure acid form is said to be the most effective, but also known to irritate the skin and cause peeling! The version that the Ordinary have produced is Retinoid – a more stable molecule to cause less irritation.
I Love this stuff! I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. I feel like over 8 months my skins surface texture and darker areas due to old Pimple scarring have improved greatly! Its one of their most spoken about products … and its no surprise to see why! The cost alone in comparison to what I was previously using was the first thing…. but that’s no good if it doesn’t work right? Well I’m now on my 3rd bottle… paying what I would’ve for 1 tube of the la roche posay! Here’s the thing, this is going to be a real teller if in the future my fine lines are less apparent, at the moment I can only say in my 30 year old skin that I feel my skin is at its Best!
Disclaimer : This cannot be compared to Retinol .. it is a different molecule, designed to be less irritating to the skin. You can also buy pure Retinol from The ordinary which is cheaper still! You must also always use an SPF along side either of these products the following day.

Lactic Acid 5%Deciem The Ordinary Lactic Acid
This is an Indirect exfoliator, it is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA I’m sure you’ve seen this on plenty high end skin care lately too!). The ordinary Lactic Acid is made with tasmanian pepperberry designed to break down the top layers of dead skin for a smoother surface appearance, It also claims to reduce acne break outs. I personally Love this, it says it shouldnt me used on damaged or broken skin … Beacause Believe me It STINGS. I obviously don’t use it on open sores but .. I do find a bit of Nip when i use it nightly, and I quite like that. I’m a simple soul… but…. Do you remember you mum using dettol on a grazed knee and telling you when is stung like Hell
“that means its making it better!” *insert loving motherly smile*
Well….. that’s me… I feel it working! As I have said I do see textural improvement in my skin and smoothness! On my 2nd bottle!!

100% Organic cold pressed Rose Hip seed oilDeciem The Ordinary Oil
Well this has been a wonder! Again the price saving made it immensely satisfying , but it also does exactly the same job as the more expensive brands! I use this as my last step in my evening skin after moisturising. I find it is a bit heavier so i need to use less. There is NO scent … other than an OIL scent. Like if you were to go smell your sunflower oil… only not as strong!
It can cause staining on your pillowcase (I have white) but I found it washes out easily enough. I haven’t even finished my original bottle of this yet because it has lasted me SO long! I Will repurchase again!



Another few bits to add in! As I have purchased other items that are not in my every day set routines…

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

A Face mask that makes for some really gruesome selfies! This face mask is a once a week job. It is a very strong Acid solution, to be used for a maximum of 10 minutes before rinsing. It’s akin to the Lactic Acid, although a much stronger version! When I use this I do not experience visible Peeling of my skin (Thankfully) but I do feel a little Red afterwards…. Maybe that’s just the Pepperberry colouring? I do however love how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel! Also not the ideal think to use on any irritated or broken skin, but has that similar dettol feeling! Ha … what can I say No Pain No Gain!

The High Spreadability Fluid primer 
Im not Big on primers anyway… If i do use them its normally only on certain areas of my face… for example illuminating to the cheekbones… porfilling to the nose … etc. Generally I just enjoy I good moisturiser or BB Cream to set me up for make up. Sometimes I mix glow primers with my foundation too .. but not on the regular!
This … was really quite disapointing … It couldve been any old boots or super drug own brand silicone type primer (Which is weird because the ordinary actually market a silicone primer also). I reminded me of a GOSH primer I got like … 8/9 years ago when Priming was starting to take off. Its slippy.. feels smoothing and probably full of dimethecone. Also I used mine a total of 3 times and i took it out my drawer the other day to write this … only to find its totally dried out!? …. Give it a miss.

And lastly… The Serum Foundation

They launched The Serum and The Coverage foundations and there was SO SO much hype around these… it took people WEEKS on waiting lists to get a hold of them! … But I was sadly let down by this. There’s a few reasons… Firstly … trying to match your skin tone to products online is ALWAYS tricky … high end or high street. So… the colour I got was far too pale for my skin tone. I went for the Serum over Coverage … because I’m not a heavy make up wearer on the daily. Not on my skin anyway. The texture was very liquid .. almost water like… But appeared to have no moisture… It was as if the colourant was chalk mixed in a watery fluid… so when applying to the skin… it looked streaky and chalky. I don’t know if that was due to having the wrong colour… but it certainly didn’t help matters. I felt so sad about this because I was so eager to try them. BUT I am going to go in store next week to get a proper feel for them! I’ve not given up just yet! They produce 21 shades in both versions… so they have to get a thumbs up for that!

Overall … My thoughts are Go in store and see what you think of this “Cult” brand gone big. Its well worth a look! I think a lot of people found the DECIEM site quite intimidating and unsure of what to try… so having counters will no doubt make this brand even bigger! I only hope that being in Fraser’s doesn’t mean they increase prices to keep up with the high end market surrounding them. They continue to release new and exciting products all the time. The skincare is worth every penny… I’m on the fence about the Colours range at the moment.