Social Media Etiquette: Does the world need your opinions? Warnings? or Shares? Use your common sense and don’t be a Lemming!

Clickbait? … The Bandwagon?… . Sheep? …. Lemmings?? …. Maybe even Witchhunt?

My Dad Always told me to be different… because if you’re different no one will forget you! Good piece of advice I have always adhered to, but its taken with a pinch of salt. My Dad expressed this advice in such a way … He dressed different, he wore wacky clothes, he made his own clothes… he made some of mine too! He also always styled his homes different, he made his own curtains and upholstered furnishings. He was someone who could really turn his hand to just about anything, and he was blessed with creativity.

My Mum also learned a lot from him… they were married at 19 and 21, they grew up together. Therefore … her outfits were made by him… her make up was always out there different. Id say they were trend setters … Never followers! I guess back in the 60’s/70’s and 80s it was much easier to be that. Its something they instilled in me, but its easy to sit here and talk about fashion and trends. I by no means would call myself a fashion mogul or trend setter! I like to look at season trends and fads at times, but i still believe deep down … make it your own! Always be Different!

They didn’t just give me some fashion advice in my 30 years on this planet… but this sense of be YOU ran through everything they taught me. The important thing that they also included was respect… that is something I feel people are losing nowadays. Live and let live… have an opinion .. no need to shove it down the throats of others. Question Why you are doing something? Don’t follow the crowd, that old saying “If he jumped off a bridge would you do that too!?”

I’m just starting to wonder what this change is within social media … or the internet in general? I don’t remember even a decade ago there being this obnoxious attitude from EVERYONE … not just the youth. I am 30 and I feel this way… I dread to think how the generations before me feel about humans today..

I’m being sketchy here, but my question is…. When did it become ok to become a “point, click, like and share” society?

I used the term “Clickbait” earlier … essentially this is where someone puts a really Shocking or Interesting / Unbelievable title to their latest YouTube video, Blog post, Tweet link. If i’m honest this doesn’t Really bother me, TV ad industries and advertising , marketing giants have done this for years. The old white t shirt with Stains next to each other … generic washing brand and the “Brand name label” washing brand…. Boom obviously the brand name wins hands down.

Nowadays MANY YouTube “influencers” are the new marketing arms for many companies where its not quite so clear that they are “Advertising” ….. Again this is not overly offensive to me. Advertising is Advertising … Use your common sense and OWN mind to decide… Do I really require anymore material items? I really enjoy watching YouTube. Mainly for cosmetics, That doesn’t mean I’m struggling to pay my bills so I can buy every item the are slinging or get the same fake nails/ Hair or designer hand bangs as them.

Side note…. check out Kimberley Clark’s Anti Haul Videos … Marketing broken down in a “Lets not keep up with the jones'” kind of way.

Whats really getting my goat is the public? The lack of Teaching we are giving to people now about online …. hmm how do I say this? Etiquette?

I came away from Facebook in late January this year, partly because or personal issues and partly because it just frustrated me scrolling down my feed …. reading utter Nonsense that people Jump on the bandwagon about. They read it online… it must be true right? The targeting of people and companies… where it is easy for people to read a paragraph .. see and Clickbait photo (Shocking) and like and share…

Now … I’d like to be clear here… the way in which the internet has brought the world together, being able to communicate and understand other cultures from across the planet, other beliefs and societies … keep in contact with loved ones at the touch of a button. Its Wonderful.  I wouldn’t be sitting typing this up if I wasn’t hoping someone would read it!

My examples are …. Let me log on to my Facebook and scroll down my feed… Its 13:16 pm …..

Now 13:20 … I see a video of a 2 year old little girl giving chatty .. sassy chat back about having to sit next to an over chatty lady on an airoplane……. A 2 Year old? Is it just me? Or is that not disrespectful? and frankly if my daughter was to come away with that sort of adult opinion of a grown up and cheek…. Well id be telling her off…. Not filming her and sharing it? It was shared 21,000 times at this point.

I remember I seen a similar one to this some time ago of a little girl swearing … and there is was shared and shared again … liked and liked … “insert laughy emoji” …. Are we trying to say that its acceptable?

Now 13:26 ….. The Share for “WARNINGS” …. My child swallowed the moving part of a fidget spinner…. Do not put laundry fragrance pearls in your oil burners, THEY EXPLODE……. My 4 year old kid got talking to a peado through an app.

Here’s this thing … Firstly the ones I see about children more often than not…. I Do not have a child … I KNOW kids are much more clued up nowadays … I know they need to have technology in their life. I’m going to say something controversial here…. but DO not blame the Companies for these issues….. Its a two way relationship here, You put your kid on a table and give them access to an online environment …. where they can speak with others… YOU monitor how much they are doing it… Who they are speaking with and … well its common sense don’t be leaving them on one for hours on end playing games. Take them out …. play the game with them … Learn about What they are doing! Tablets or smartphones are not baby sitters! ….. I’m pretty sure plastic bags used to come with a warning about not putting them over babies heads… the same goes for children and small moving parts… Monitor their play… play with them. Don’t be shocked your child swallowed something! I swallowed a 5p when I was on a bus one day… my Mum was sitting next to me… (I wasn’t choking thankfully) when I told her she told me off. She also told me Id poop it out…  She NEVER Went to the papers … The MINT … the News to kick up a stink about her silly daughter with 5p in her mouth!
I also .. never done it again .. when she explained to me about how dirty money could be!

On another side note to this…. If your child is pre teen … moody … we’ve all been there… teenagers have been around longer than the internet… If this Cyber bullying thing continues to make headlines and cause children to feel like they need to go to extremes ….. Turn the computer OFF …. Again … take them outside … Teach them their life does Not exist online! … Talk to REAL people. It will soon become apparent .. that if someone it trolling them online … its quite easy to walk away and find new people who appreciate them as a person, people who support them and encourage them.

The Internet is NOT your Life!

As for the gunning for the “Big brands” ….. A few years ago I saw the Lenor Unstoppable Scent boosters “EXPLODING” ……. Clickbait….. On further reading … some thrifty housewife thought… ohhh these will burn well in the oil burners. If I’m honest .. not a ridiculous thought! BUT they were NOT marketed as this… Lenor didn’t say to use them this way …. SO …. what do we not do? …. Go online and blast Lenor and WARN everyone about these DANGERS…… This isn’t Lenors fault…. You tried something it didn’t work… if anything … id be a little embarrassed and keep that to myself.

One that Really got to me a few months back …. Lucozade… They got Absolutely GUNNED for by ignorant people who THINK they knew about diabetes. Long story short … Lucozade reduced the sugar in its energy drink … for the greater national good and obesity … not to mention they were avoiding some sugar tax…. The Diabetics went CRAZY that there had been no marketing to show this… on the surface … you can understand their concerns. Heres the thing though…. They reduced the sugar… but a standard bottle of lucozade still contains approximately the same amount or carbohydrates … of which of sugars as a 330ml can of coke a cola. Someone actually posted along the lines of “Attention Diabetics Lucozade sugar changes could be LIFE or DEATH”. Now if a Can of coke doesn’t have an effect on hypoglycemia … Well I’ve been doing something wrong for 18 years.
I am diabetic myself…. LEARN TO CARB COUNT PEOPLE! Do not witch hunt lucozade…. They didn’t do anything wrong! They are actually trying to stop the rise of type 2 diabetes and obesity… even though… they still make millions from super energy sugar drinks. They never marketed them for diabetics… they never stated they helped a hypoglycemic attack.

I saw one today warning about Omeprazole … “The Gastric Protector that Ends your health!”… Stating it caused Anemia , Calcium uptake difficulties… leading to osteoporosis, Neurological damage leading to dementia. …… It states these things in the leaflet that comes with the medications … in the box. This is NOT news, What it is …. Ignorance. I dont think Anyone should be on lifelong anything .. without regular check up and advice from your doctor or specialist. These things have to be monitored, Use your common sense! All medications have side effects and contraindications…
Take some responsibility for your own health people!?

Now my last “example” … is the charity lemmings and Health scaremongers. When I was younger people would do sponsored silences, walks, marathons … cake sales .. parachute jumps etc etc…. Usually for a charity they believed in .. had reason to get behind and felt strongly about. Round of applause for all of these wonderful people! … And nowadays .. Hooray for the internet sharing the stories or these wonderful people who continue to do these amazing tasks.

The thing that gets me …. again the Point click share awareness of charity nowadays. Ill use the cancer awareness superheros or Heart foundation firefighters as an example…. There are many theories and skepticism on a Cancer cure and IF Cancer research is a multi million pound money generating scheme. I myself don’t care to believe that, for the sheer decency of the human race… I would hope that if there was some Overall CURE humanity would prevail and they would share it… instead of make money. What I do feel I experience and see a lot is these are certainly the most glamourised charities… I know with good cause. But as a nurse I see lots of other ailments and illnesses go un noticed .. under the radar and suffer without the latest treatments, facilities .. basic needs to support them. While our oncology and cardiac researches go 3 fold and have TV adverts … awareness and anyone on Facebook “Sharing” Cancer awareness.

What happens to our Liver patients? They don’t deserve a hospice bed .. why? because they maybe don’t have the same pain as cancer? … What because they are seen as alcoholics? A lot of people dying with Liver disease stopped drinking 5+ years before their liver disease became end stage. They come in every 4 to 6 weeks for treatment and drainage… just as a chemo patient goes for treatment. Ultimately they may still be dying and their family deserve the same respect and support do they not?

Our COPD and Respiratory patients… with home oxygen… who struggle to walk the length of them self. Again… “Because they chose to smoke? They brought it on themselves?” No.
Type 1 And 2 diabetics not being educated properly about their diseases .. because there simply aren’t the staff to provide support… and in turn their health gets worse and causes further more complications with leg ulcers and sight loss…. They are looked at as … “Well they didn’t look after themselves”. No … They weren’t educated properly or supported.

I’m no fool, Lots of people are given the tools and knowledge and Still choose not to take health advice, I’m aware of that. I guess just have a little thought about sharing the “popular” charities … because its what everyone is doing at the moment. Read about things and educate yourself. Make Informed decisions before you just point click and share.

A great Example … The ICE Bucket Challenge. I Great viral spread of an important awareness about ALS / Motor neuron disease. Ask yourself Honestly… How many people did you know 3 years ago who done the Ice bucket challenge and didn’t really know why they were doing it? …. Doesn’t that miss the whole point of why we want the viral spread and share?

Now I could go on and on to the political band waggon jumpers… the racists … the immigrant hunters… even the pride marchers, the gay bashers and the OTT over politically correct feminists there are So SO many examples of how people nowadays, just Share Share Share.

For the most part things are good, knowledge is power… knowing more only helps us, but … Make sure you DO know Before you share something because Everyone shock shares.

Dont be a sheep… a Lemming … a Follower… Be YOU and if you have something to say and want to stand up for it… Be well informed… do your research. If you do want to Inform people of something ask yourself this…. Is this going to help someone? Am I Offending anyone? Does the world need my opinion on this? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Since when did I need EVERYONE’S opinions thrown in my face though?

Years ago … and even now… if you met someone and didn’t agree with them .. had a difference of opinion with them… You would start an on street .. in pub slagging match. (Some might)
But generally … you were civil. Just because you are sitting there behind a keyboard and computer screen …. doesn’t give “freedom of speech” the new term of “down right rude and Its MY opinion so ill say whatever I want!”

Sometimes Silence Speaks so much louder than words.

And sometimes…. Frustration builds up over years … and you patch Facebook and think… I’m going outside in the real world for a bit. Smile at people… Wave at them… You might just make their Day!