Concealer : MAC Vs Maybelline!

In recent years I’ve come to realise the heavy or full coverage concealers around my eye area results in creasing, dryness and “crepe” like under eyes. No matter what concealer I used I just had to face the fact that on the later side of my 20’s, this was NOT flattering and actually aged me more than wearing no concealer. That being said… I did have darkness I wanted to lighten. I have typically dry skin, so setting heavy concealers with powder just caked up under my eyes and settled in my line lines.

I saw MakeupByTiffanyD a you tuber talking about a MAC “highlighter” from the Prep + Prime range around 4 years ago and for the better part of 4 years I have religiously used it! Personally I do not see this marketed as a glowing or shimmery highlighter, more like a contouring highlighter or under eye concealer.

MAC Prep and Prime

There is no illumination, shimmer, glitter or radiance particles, just simply a sheer/ thin texture with a pinky peach tone to counteract dark areas and lift flat areas. I use it under the eye, brow bone, cupids bow and down my nose to lift and brighten my face.  It does not settle in to my line lines and I rarely find a need to “Set” it with a powder, although you could if you felt you wished more staying power or coverage. The applicator is the same as YSL Touche eclat, Brush ended tip.

Roll in the New Contender….. Maybelline “Age Rewind Eye concealer” .. “The Eye Eraser”. In the past 6 months this product has been hyped up on you tube like no ones business. Only having the Nude or darker shades here in the UK it was never something I had persued. Recently it has been released in the UK in “Light” which has only been available in the states for quite sometime. Which appeared to be a pretty good match for the colour of MAC’s radiant rose product.

The MAC product costs £20 per 2.2ml and is available in 4 shades.
Maybelline product costs approx £8.99 per 6.8ml in most beauty stores such as Boots, superdrug, most super markets, anywhere stocking maybelline!

SO… will this be a good replacement to save me pennies in the purse!

MAC Vs Mabelline 6

Top – Maybelline , Bottom – MAC

The Maybelline is visibly more opaque and has a heavier coverage, but I do feel the colour match is really good for that brightening effect. How does it perform on the eyes though?

My under eyes with only moisturiser applied… Mascara and liner but free of facial make up.

Again the maybelline is certainly fuller coverage on first application, thicker, brighter, but I did also feel a little drier on application. This is generally the reason I steer clear of a heavier concealer, because striaght off the bat I wondered…. Is this going to crease!?

I used a damp beauty sponge to blend in both products. The finished result is pretty impressive! At first inspection it could be difficult to determine which is the £20 and £8.99. Both colour match really well with my skin and take away and dark or blueish areas under the eye. They both highlight and lift under the bow well …. BUT … Heres the BUT… Given that the maybelline was thicker… would I Place it above my cupids bow or on my cheek bones?

Probably not.
It was just a little to thick, if im TOTALLY honest I felt it would have exagerated any top lip peach fuzz, or settle / cakey chalky on cheekbones where I like to apply cream Dewy highlighters.

After… 2 hours.. here is how the products had settled under my eyes without a powder product.

MAC Vs Mabelline creme shadow 19

Overall I think both do a wonderful and equally effective job. In the above photo I don’t think that there is much difference even after a few hours… I do feel that the Maybelline side looks lighter.. but maybe more chalky? In the hours that followed this I unfortunately did not take another photo but the Maybelline side did settle in to fine lines more so than the MAC. I DID NOT set either product, so with that in mind maybe the Maybelline wouldn’t have budged if I had.

On wearing the Maybelline on a few other occasions than this episode, I wont right it off. I prefer a more natural look under the eye, with that being said I did find myself without my MAC prep + prime (and separate concealer for blemishes) as I had pack them both away in my case prior to a holiday. On this occasion I used the Maybelline for both under eye and discolouration/ blemish covering.

I also found myself late for work one morning and threw my tabletop makeup bag in the car to cover up a little before I rushed in for a 13 hour shift. Stupidly … again my MAC prep + prime and separate concealer were siting on my vanity. The Maybelline was the only product I used that day for both uses. At the end of my 13 hour day… My under eyes were a little patchy and slightly drier than with the MAC BUT my discolouration/ blemish areas remained very well covered overall.

I can give the Maybelline a get our of jail card on the patchy under eyes, I don’t think even the most luxe or expensive product would ever hold up to a nurses 13 hour day.

So … Will I stop using MAC? Has Maybelline replaced my OG product? …..

No .. probably not. Truth is I would use both, but for different things. If I was going out with a heavy evening look, setting power, contour the works… I would use the Maybelline. I just feel the MAC is more suited to my skin and everyday use under the eye area. Some may disagree as they may need more coverage and colour correction under eye. I would also happily use the Maybelline for blemish/ acne scarring and discolouration on non – textured areas of skin.

Given the prices of both products… I would recommend the Maybelline product, give it a try! Its like all make up .. its dependent on your skin.. texture, colour, ageing and what exactly you are looking for! It certainly has great coverage and brighten/ lightening effects.