Quick D.I.Y Jewellery Organiser IKEA Hack

I have recently revamped and decorated my spare room that was an absolute dumping ground! We decided that it would double up as a guest room and dressing room. When clearing out things for the charity shop, things for the bin and things to keep… I realised I never utilize the costume jewellery I own, let alone my good jewellery.  Reason being it is all away in boxes in drawers or Cupboards, therefore I quickly threw together this organiser from an Ikea wall hanger in under and hour.

What I used! :

  • IKEA KnallBage Hanging wall organiser.
  • Lace / Crochet ribbon. I have many of these rolls of ribbon, any will do really!
  • Flat head Pins for craft and jewellery making.
  • Dressmakers Awl. Again.. I already had this handy but anything with a good sharp point to make holes!
  • Thick chunky wool or twine to attach to where you’re going to hang it.

Jewellery Storage Ikea D.I.Y Details 2Jewellery Storage Ikea D.I.Y Details 3Jewellery Storage Ikea D.I.Y Details

As you can see from my photos, there isn’t too much explanation needed on how I threw this together. I simply made equal holes for stud earrings and larger spaces on the opposite side for drop earrings.

I sewed the lace ribbon to the back of the top panel so I had somewhere to hang shorter bracelets and necklaces. For the longer and heavier neck pieces I used the Awl to make small holes to put the Flat head pins through and twisted them fastened at the back. This made a small metal loop for me to hang larger clasp fastened necklaces.

You will see there is a larger deep pocket at the bottom of the second section, this was useful because I do own more solid chunky items that wouldn’t have hung from any fastening.

The small pockets at the bottom I use to keep soft jewellery bags that I’ve received the items in when they have been delivered. Its useful to keep so I can carry dainty bits when travelling.

I hope this inspires you to try something crafty and jazz up your storage situation. The KnallBage piece from IKEA was originally bought to keep pens … threads.. ribbons and craft items. It soon became obvious I owned too many of those things to keep in one wall hanging, so I have lots of other interesting storage ideas and hacks around my desk area in the room.

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Love Alanna.