BourJois Rouge Edition Velvet and Souffle.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Swatches 2

Top to Bottom – Ravie en rose (Souffle edition) , Peach Club, Happy Nude Year and Nud-ist.

Not new to the market, but something I have had in my collection for the better part of the year. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in “Peach Club”. It was something I picked up last spring thinking it would be a nice pop/ stain to the lips without being too heavy or transferable.

Last month I picked up 2 more colours in this version as well as one in the “Souffle Edition”. Which it has to be said is Much more sheer, and comfortable on the lip in this freak summer weather we’re having in Scotland just now…. It will no doubt Snow tomorrow!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Peach Club 04 1

Peach Club

Peach club is the boldest of the colours I own, but I still find it to be very wearable in spring. It actually comes off more coral in real life, even though this photo is taken in natural light its a little washed out.

As you can see they do not fully dry down matte, but I don’t mind that, especially for a day time pop of colour. It is buildable and they don’t seem to do that weird “bobble” thing lots of liquid lipsticks do. I don’t feel like the skin on my lips is peeling off underneath it. There is no “tide” line left on the inside of the lip either.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Happy Nude Year 09 3

Happy Nude Year

I’m not going to claim that these are going to be long lasting never have to touch up and go on for 8 hours after one application. They don’t.

Thing is … if I was going on an evening out / night out… where I want a bold matte statement lip…. This isn’t the product I’m going to choose. This is however the product I wish to wear if I’m going to be out all day… meeting someone for lunch… wandering around the shops or exploring somewhere on a city break where you are out for LONG periods of time.

It wears away well.. leaving a stain of the colour and and even go as far to say they could be re applied with out a mirror handy. They are like an unfussy Muted Matte lip, with much more comfort than that of a Kat Von D or a NYX suede velvet lip.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Nude-ist 07 3


I don’t find them to be streaky, or cling to dry skin on the lips like a lot of “Velvet” liquid lippy’s. I was lucky enough to pick these up with Boots had a 3 for 2 on Bourjois, but I would certainly give more colours a bash! I’m certain that they also have a Velvet range that has Only Red shades. ….. You kind wonder why they are all “rouge velvet” then dont you… Jus’ saying!

Bourjois Rouge souffle Edition Ravie en Rose 04 2

Ravie en Rose (Souffle)

The Souffle edition is certainly much more Sheer. I guess a lot of people might not be so keen on the lack of opacity, but out of 4 I have this is by far the most comfortable to wear!

I do not find the original velvet lippy’s uncomfortable, but if i was wearing them all day i would need to apply a lip balm over top then re apply the colour. The souffle edition did not feel like this.

I could have kept reapplying this version application on top of application. I am definitely going to invest in more colours from this side range.

Prices start at £8.99 Which is at the higher end of a high street brand. I believe the 3 for 2 offer still remains on going!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Single

If you are looking for Full on coverage and a heavy statement lip, Bourjois Lip Laque might be more up your street. For easy and comfortable bright lips without stickiness or smearing … Rouge edition velvet and souffle velvet I highly recommend!

Love Alanna.